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Seluz is an institution that has put creative thinking at the center of its life and owed its entire competitiveness to it. Seluz, which we see as an original institutional model in the scope of creative industry, designing scents and tastes for the people’s happiness, is nurtured by nature and its infinite wealth on one hand and fueled by the conceptual power of creative thinking on the other.

Seluz Contemporary Art Gallery is the realization of an ideal… It will both be a tool of communication with our business partners, as well as a source of inspiration for us who breathe in the creative world of Seluz and will provide a modest contribution with its projects to the advancement of the art in Turkey.

The ‘Massence’ project, Seluz Contemporary’s first permanent collection exhibition, was very sensitively curated with artists and art institutions from 15 different countries in more than 3 years. This exhibition combines more than 50 works of 29 artists under a unique idea that touches the philosophy of Seluz.

This contemporary art collection, brought to our employees, all business partners and Turkey, can be regarded as a representative of our creative vision which aims to expand with Seluz.

The ‘big-bang’ which science regarded as its starting point, cloud have been the most extraordinary thing humanity would ever witness. With reference to this theory, even though we are already aging within this phenomenon and witnessing it at any moment with the expanding universe, what I mean is beyond that; watching and experiencing this great starting scene, which covers almost everything the human mind can imagine, and sets the limits of science (for today) in other words, to watch and experience the ‘void’ spot and its aftermath with the privilege of lodge that is beyond time and space…

When the above idea appeared in my mind for the first time, I was experiencing a rather usual but perhaps the most interesting thing that a person could witness. It was the first time I’ve seen my newborn son in the elevator cabin of a hospital.

In spite of its reasonable probability, every moment of life and the entire cycle of the universe harbors a lot of proactive arguments and depth for intellectual production (primarily science and art), in proportion to the impossible ‘big bang’ experience we have formed above. There are only a few elements of representation that we can bring together here, free from scale and context: First and foremost the motion of all micro-building blocks in the universe; beginning with the transformation of the water and minerals into a living body, then the laughter of a baby, then its transformation to the ‘word’, then ‘will’ and the the ‘idea’ time itself as well as the entire forward motion of the universe that is creating ‘time’ all information hidden in the seed; moth; life and death; light; color; physics itself and beyond; cocoon; eye; breath; taste of coriander representing all sensorial diversities the number II; cosmic space or just clear blue sky; snowflake; tourmaline crystal; pebble; pebble actino bacteria; geosmin or the smell of earth after the rain (petrichor)...

Even though ‘olfaction (the action smelling, or the ability to smell)’ is within our limits of vitality embraced by human being, if we were to look for an olfactive character to represent the universe with all its infinity and encompassment (in the simplest discourse, ‘how does the universe smell?’), what kind of abstraction could be practiced in order to support this extremely marginal claim? Could smell of finely spun tiny trichomes on the neck of a newly blooming tomato seedling -presented by the millions of different molecules reveling between our fingers while we are stroking- be an inference to the claim, which I believe offers an extraordinary olfactive experience that would carry such a great representation, should never be previewed as a weird effort to attribute a scent to the universe. It is more of a quest for the universe within the sensorial description of a highly extraordinary smell. It can also be regarded as an inticing reference for anyone who touches the ‘Massence’ project to absolutely live through this extraordinary olfactive experience…

We defined an aspect of ‘Massence’ fiction with an ‘essence’ to be interpreted over the ‘micro’ while the other aspect is defined as an idea of ‘mass’ with new installations of meaning and abstractions in some cases. The ‘mass‘ representation, with a stylized approach, refers to all our external boundaries and to the positively infinite that human mind and even imagination cannot be fully touched. The ‘essence’ representation directs us to the depths of thought and consciousness, and sometimes to an inner inquiry. With the ‘Massence’ coding, it was aimed to form a language in which the ‘mass’ and the ‘essence’ were melted and filtered together.

When the interval of perception that determines man’s relationship with the universe is taken as a linear line, considering the micro and macro infinity to represent the two ends of this line, we can define a very limited interval that we can touch at. So much so that interval -which we place in infinity- is not merely a linear cross-section in mathematical sense, but merely becomes a point between the two ends of infinity. To put it simply, human life takes place in a very minimal dimension of the universal scale. One way to overcame this constriction is to make inquiries outside the comfort area of routine life. Science, by its nature, its trying to push this interval of perception by understanding the universe day by day. However, this interval of human perception, which we regard as the cross-section of a linear infinity of terms of mathematical meaning, it reveals a paradox in which it will be swallowed up by eternity and turned into a point, despite all expansion effort on the two-side infinity.

The art thought, on the other hand, may try to push the boundaries of the human perception interval in the multidimensional and infinitely extreme space depth that will replace the linear assumption in this theory. This only possible by jumping with creativity and the power of dreams, and touching beyond the horizon. The search for exactly these exercises that brought out the ‘Massence project… I hope that this search -with never coming to an end- which we grasp through the ‘mass’ and ‘essence’ for the two ends of the universal scale, will open up horizons for everyone who will touch to the project.


Zora Palová, Bratislava
Yıldız Doyran, Ankara
Ümit Türk, Trabzon
Tansel Türkdoğan, Ankara
Taha Ghobashy, Domiatt-Mansoura
Siddiqa Juma, Zanzibar-London
Ragini Dewan, Delhi
Özge Gökbulut Özdemir, Ankara
Omar Shahwan, Amman
Naser Nassan Agha, Halep-Bremen
Kemal Tufan, İstanbul
Julia Volkonskaya, Moscow
İbrahim Akgüney, Erzurum
Hsu Tung Lung, Taipei
Hoorad Gorji, Tehran
Helen Teede, Zimbabwe
Hava Küçüköner, Erzurum
Hanife Sevim, Çanakkale-İstanbul
Günay Aral, İstanbul
Emet Egemen Işık Aslan, Konya
Eman Barakat, Giza-Cairo
Belkıs Balpınar, Bodrum
Barış Sarıbaş, İzmir-İstanbul
Azimet Karaman, Erzincan-Ankara
Aydın Sarıoğlu, İzmir-İstanbul
Alireza Adambakan, Tehran
Ali Herischi, Baku
Alexander Milovzorov, Kiev
Ahmet Yiğider, İstanbul


CYCLICAL ABSTRACTION OF NATURE doğadan döngüsel soyutlama
THROUGH LIGHT ışığa doğru
MASS, SPACE, KINESIS kütle, boşluk, devinim


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